2021 are here & more to come

Storms with winds 60 mph & more ripped through central Michigan. The Dodge lake area was not spared of this storm. Numrous trees and branches were toppled. Property was dameged. Power was lost. One gentleman was pulling into his driveway and he heard a tree cracking and dove as low as he could go in his car. The tree fell partially on his car trapping him. The fire department was called and it took what must of felt like a lifetime to cut him out of his pancaked car. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was released the following morning.

Clean & repairs will take some time and the scars even longer.

PS one of the above pictures is a great story where a dog saw a small fawn in the middle of a lake and swam out to heard it back to shore. Once ashore the dog cleaned the fawn up and sat with it till its mother came back a day later. 

Makes you wonder...animals can teach humans a few things!

2 weeks ago storm pics & more